Make Sure Your Dog Toys Are Safe

 Dogs, our little furry friends that we love so much. With this undying love for our dogs we must keep them safe and healthy in doing so we must pay attention to the toys we give our four-legged friends. Here is a guide to the right toys to buy your dogs. First off here are some of the basic tips when buying toy, if you have a bigger dog, we recommend you buy bigger toys without stuffing, a squeaker and to many tags. This applies to smaller dogs but some smaller dogs aren’t strong enough to rip the stuffing and or the squeaker out. Another thing we recommend is washing the toys before use because there still may be some unwanted chemicals on or within the toy.
A very important tip is to not give your pets children’s toys, just because they aren’t made specifically for dogs and there could be many tiny parts your dog could swallow and that would be an expensive trip to the vet! Ultimately your best bet is to follow all these tips and survey which toys your dogs like and go from there.