Top 5 Smartest Dog Breeds

1. Poodle
Poodles are typically known for their fluffy, cotton-ball-like looks, but some may not know just how intelligent they can be. Coming in 3 variety of sizes, all poodles have the same build and proportions. Poodles have proven themselves as versatile, athletic, and highly trainable via their amazing success as show dogs. These dogs are known for their adaptability and their hypoallergenic coats. Poodles are a great option for a smart, reliable, and kind dog should your family be looking for their new furry companion.
2. German Shepherd
German Shepherd dogs are the perfect breed to add to your family as well. Known for their speed and agility, German Shepherds are amongst the smartest breeds. This breed is the most utilized in the K9 police force, service dog industry, and military troops. Their sheer instincts are why they are capable of learning commands for multiple tasks. They are known as guardians, loyal, and confident. Due to their ability to train quickly and their willingness to serve, German Shepherds are often considered as one of the most intelligent dogs. 
3. Border Collies
You’ve already heard about herd breeds. The Border Collie is among the most trainable dogs. When looking for high energy, quick-witted, and skillful pups, Border Collies are viable competition for your next companion. Those who wish to add this breed into their family should be aware of their athletic and energetic needs. Their expertise in learning new commands quickly are what make the Border Collie rank high in our list of breeds in terms of intelligence.
4. Labrador
The Labrador, often called the “Lab”, are beautiful, smart, and fun dogs. They often have an innate ability to understand their human's emotions and needs. It’s a common misconception that these famous dogs are easy-going and lazy, however, the Labrador is mentally and physically strong. As one of the most enthusiastic breeds, they are creative companions with friendly qualities. Labs are notorious for being emotional support dogs, service animals, and all-around superior fluffy friends. It’s easy to see why Labrador’s are on the list of smartest dog breeds.
5. Golden Retriever
Commonly mistaken for the Labrador, the Golden Retriever is considered a staple of “man’s best friend”. These loyal pups are incredibly friendly, enthusiastic and eager-to-please.This makes them one of the most popular breeds for families, especially with children.These dogs have a bouncy gait and beautiful golden coats - as is depicted in their name. The Golden Retriever breed comes from a natural fetching background. They are also known for their outstanding ability to focus, which aids in their training. For this reason, the Golden Retriever is one of the most intelligent dog breeds.