If Your Dog Suffers From Anxiety: Here Is What You Can Do

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My Story With Dog Anxiety

It broke my heart every time I had to leave my dog home when I went to work.

My dog suffered from anxiety, specifically separation anxiety. Everyday, I had to say goodbye to my pup knowing she's going to be sad and afraid for hours.

So after I had enough of that I began looking for solutions to dog anxiety.

After looking for days and reading about all these different products and treatments, I found the simplest solution, that honestly seemed to good to be true...

But luckily enough it was everything I wished it was, and my dog is so happy now.

The solution I found for my dog's anxiety was a product called an Anxiety Calming Pet Bed. I got mine from a brand called PetSwag. They were extremely kind and allowed me to share my story with you today on their blog.

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After Using The Solution

As soon as I got this bed I noticed a difference in her attitude and mood.

My dog Bella jumped in and immediately started playing in it, she was just going crazy for this bed at first sight.

Although I was still skeptical how she would be when I wasn't home, so I put a camera in the room with her before I left for work a couple of days and it was amazing what I saw...

She was calm as could be, I was shocked! It was like there was nobody left in the world but her and the bed.

She did her usual routine when I leave for work those days, following me to the door and basically asking me not to leave but after I left she went right to the bed and laid down.

Not only was her separation anxiety gone but she was actually happy it seemed. She was rolling around in the bed, playing with her toys in the bed, and eventually just fell asleep.

It was amazing! Now I know I can leave my dog for a couple hours living my life and have the safe of mind knowing she will be fine, even happy.

This bed was revolutionary for me and I can honestly say it changed my dog's life forever. I couldn't possibly be more grateful for PetSwag. 

Anxiety Calming Pet Bed

Why I'm Writing This

I was so grateful for PetSwag and what their bed has done for me and my pup that I reached out to share with them my story and how the bed I got from them changed my dog's life forever.

They actually were so kind and happy to hear my story, they gave me the opportunity to today to share my story on their blog the PetSwag Post.

I thought this was incredible of them to do because it showed how much they care about helping dogs and making their lives better.

I know that there are so many dogs out there who struggle with anxiety and so many owners who feel helpless trying to find a solution. Which is why I am writing this little article sharing my story that I could potentially help someone else out there dealing with something similar.

My Recommendation

As you can probably tell by now I highly recommend the Anxiety Calming Pet Bed from PetSwag.

But, I honestly believe this product can help thousands of dogs out there with anxiety.

PetSwag knows this too, which is why this bed is 50% OFF for the next 48 hours to give everyone the opportunity for this to help their dog.


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