Anxiety Calming Pet Bed
Anxiety Calming Pet Bed
Anxiety Calming Pet Bed
Anxiety Calming Pet Bed
Anxiety Calming Pet Bed
Anxiety Calming Pet Bed
Anxiety Calming Pet Bed

Anxiety Calming Pet Bed

Anxiety Calming Pet Bed

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Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

Studies have shown, 1 in 4 dogs experience anxiety. When they are left alone, they build up stress and this leads to severe destructive behavioral problems, loss of appetite, and even a shorter life span. Help reduce your dog's anxiety and improve the quality of life for your dog with this calming pet bed!
Dogs sleep 13 hours a day, so it's only right to get them a bed that they absolutely love. Dogs love sleeping and they deserve a great bed. We have designed the perfect calming pet bed, every little detail has a significant purpose.

Why The PetSwag Calming Bed?

  • Reduces Anxiety -  The high walls of the bed create a sense of security for dogs with anxiety. It allows them to cuddle in the sides to feel safe and protected.
  • Healthier Sleep - Our bed is deigned to help dogs experience healthier sleep because the structure of our bed allows dogs to lay in positions better suited for their body. Much better than regular flat beds, couches, or the ground.
  • Soft & Cozy - As you probably know dogs tend to sleep a lot and the bed they use actually matters. We use premium vegan faux fur & extra padding in the sides and bottom to create the ultimate comfort experience for your dog.
  • Unmatched Quality - This bed is made to last! You will never need to purchase another bed, due to the superior materials used for our beds compared to our competitors. Your dog can dig and tear, but our bed was designed to last.

About The Bed

  • Delivered In 4-7 Days
  • Machine Washable
  • Made From Vegan Faux Fur

Sizing Suggestions (In)

  • Small 20"x20" - Pets Up To 15lbs
  • Medium 30"x30" - Pets Up To 50lbs
  • Large 40"x40" - Pets Up To 150lbs

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  • Please Allow 5-7 Business Days

Non-Custom Item Delivery Time

  • Please Allow 3-5 Business Days

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